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Investing in private companies is a high risk business!

One of the key challenges is the lack of information on the people you’re investing in. How can you find out whether you’re dealing with a serious and honest leadership team or charlatans in sheep’s clothing?

This is where Oh My Lordy comes in!

Our vision

Whether a business succeeds or not, often depends on the people managing it. Yet, this is the aspect most difficult to assess and get independent information on. Our goal is to become THE place for private investors to do a final check on the C-Suite as part of their due diligence process. Thereby, we ensure you have all the relevant information you need to make a sound investment decision and reduce risk.

By being based on the reviews, insights and experiences of other investors that have already invested in these founders and their mates before, Oh My Lordy aims to be a reliable, credible, trusted and independent source of information that has been specially created for investors by investors.  

Think of it as your final investment reference check!


How It works

STEP 1: Collect

With this site, we’re reaching out to our network of fellow investors to collect as many reviews as possible based on their experiences of investing in different private companies and working with founders and their management teams. The more reviews we collect, the better our database will be and the more valuable insights we’ll be able to provide.

STEP 2: Create

Once we’ve collected enough reviews, they will be collated and organised into a database, which will be available to investors through a member exclusive website. Everyone that signs up for our mailing list will get access to the basic membership for free. With the basic membership, you will be able to search the site and get a top-level overview of the reviews submitted.

Investors who submit at least one review will get free access to the premium membership for the first month.They will have full access to all detailed reviews on each C-Suite executive and will have the possibility to contact investors who have agreed to act as referees to get more details on their experiences.

STEP 3: Grow

Based on our combined investment experiences, we believe we can create a truly meaningful resource that you will be able to make use of to make smarter private investment decisions. This is only the first step in our journey. We will continue to grow by expanding our network, collecting more reviews and creating an ever more robust database, like a TripAdvisor but for angel investors, small family investment offices and other private investment syndicates.

“When I first learned of my latest private investment, I was excited. The business case and opportunity were clear as daylight. As soon as I put my money in, the skeletons came out of the closet. Not all was what it seemed and the founder was not quite who he had appeared. I’m keen to be part of this platform to help other investors avoid the same mistakes.”

Seasoned Investor from Singapore

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